Manual Hydraulic Hose Crimping Tool Auto A/C Hose Hydra-Crimper Repair Air Condition Hose

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Manual AC Hydraulic hose crimping tool RX7500


1.Hydra-Krimp for Barbed and Beaded Hose Fittings.

2.The new Patent pending "HYDRA-KRIMP" makes crimping barbed and beaded fittings as easy as1 - 2 - 3!3.The lightweight handheld hydraulic press is very portable and ideal for shop and field applications.

3.The Hydra- Krimp can be used on both beaded and barbed hose fittings.

4.The kit comes with a complete set ofdies covering hose sizes#8, #10, #12 and reducedbarrier #6, #8, #10 and #12.

5.The dies snap quickly into the press fixture requiring no pins or screws. Kit comes in custom moldedcase and includes:


RX7500 - 001

Hydra - flare assembly


Die Set - #8 (13/32")

RX7500 - 10

Die Set - #10 (1/2")

RX7500 - 12

Die Set - #12 (5/8")

RX7500 - 6SRB

Die Set - #6 (5/16" Reduced Barrier)

RX7500 - 8SRB

Die Set - #8 Reduced Barrier (13/32)

RX7500 - 10SRB

Die Set - #10 (1/2" Reduced Barrier)

RX7500 - 12SRB

Die Set - #12 (5/8" Reduced Barrier)

RX7500 - PB

Die Set Plastic Box

How to use ?

Very easy for using :

1.Remove pin and "Open" top yoke. correct die set (refer to back page for description )

3.insert the die into joke

4.position fitting and hose in the crimper and close the yoke.

5.insert pin securely .

6.Turn Body of tool clock wise until dies are snug against hose fitting .

7.Turn hydraulic valve to "closed "position .

8.Pump handle to crimp fitting onto hose .continue pumping until handle comes to a stop .

9.Once crimp is complete,turn hydraulic valve to OPEN position.

Shipping Cost
Delivery Time 3-5 days
Shop Location NingBo 315000, Zhejiang, China

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