About us

Welcome to Needfitting,

Needfitting is leading Fluid Power and Industrial Equipment Catalogue and Online E-Commerce Site. We serve all industries, including Food, Beverage, Dairy, Medical, Electronics, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, and many more. We hold over 23,00 line items in stock
and we offer full technical support for all products featured in our catalogue. We work directly with leading manufacturers from all over the world, bringing the highest quality products to our customers, at the most competitive prices possible in our market.


We are on a path of constant improvement, and our aim is to provide the best products, best stock, and best service, to our customers, at competitive prices. For us, it's not just a matter of being the cheapest in the market , because that offers nothing else to the customer. We are expected to be competitive, and we aim to get the balance right between service and cost, for our customers”.

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